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Students, Educators, First Responders, Active & Veteran Military and Nurses recieve 15% all Group Class Options! Program & Pricing Options


We offer a one week free pass to anyone residing in the area who has not been a member of the gym in the past.

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Personal Training/Private Sport Specific Performance Training

Life:  Personal training is an amazingly effective and efficient way to achieve your individual fitness goals. Your trainer will work with you to identify and clarify your fitness goals, assess your movement, and design a program specifically targeted at improving your deficiencies and optimizing your strengths, thereby enabling you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Our staff has worked with all "walks of life". From pre and post natal, weight loss and muscle gain to simply increasing vitality in life with some individuals.  Our staff also has over 27 years experience working with individuals returning from knee and shoulder surgeries

Sport: Individual athlete and team programming available for all ages and levels: youth, high school/varsity, collegiate and profressional.

Our coaches' periodized program design will maximize the athlete's physical and mental potential whether the goal is speed, power, raw strength, endurance and/or agility. Every athlete's program will be tailored towards their respective sport, position, season(s) and movement patterns, to further their physical development, body awareness and skill sets.

Contact or call 512.301.1339 with specific questions.

Small Group (2-4 people) rates start at $30 per session and One on One training rates start at $65 per session.

Locations: South Austin at The Combine, West Austin at Westlake Medical Center, and Central Austin at Ironsmith.

CrossFit Classes - CoEd

Our CrossFit program is designed to meet the needs of our large and varied community, which includes members of our full-time moms, doctors, lawyers, police officers, fire fighters, business executives, accomplished athletes, and retirees. Regardless of your current fitness level, if your goal is to increase your strength and endurance, while more than likely seeing a remarkable improvement in your body composition, our CrossFit program will be ideal for you.

Step 1:  Our three-part introductory classes, called "Foundations", are a prerequisite to our CrossFit program. It will prepare you for the transition into our group classes by providing education and coaching of the fundamental movements, practice of the movements and intelligent modifications to suit your specific needs. This is also an opportunity for our coaches to meet you in a private setting and better understand your goals and specific needs.

The three Foundations Classes are scheduled by appointment and the investment is $125. Register online here.

  1. Choose "Online Store",
  2. Click "Services",
  3. Then, select "Foundations"

Once you have done this we'll contact you to schedule your three Foundations classes.

Step 2: Sign up for a class option.  We'll prescribe what we think will fit the goals we've set together for you after your Foundations classes.  For more information about the class options email

We offer both a "Month to Month" option as well as longer term incentivized agreements.

Young Athletes

Open to children ages 6 to 13.

Our Young Athletes program is designed to assist in developing body awareness and improve motor control. We incorporate gymnastics, body weight calisthenics and weightlifting elements combined in ways to keep children engaged and entertained while teaching proper technique and creating a broad athletic foundation.

For pricing information, click here.

NOTE:Children may be separated by biological age; however, we do take into consideration every athlete's training age, physical maturation and development.

Joules/Watts Strength Series

Joules/Watts focusesspecifically to maximize work (Joules) and power output (Watts). This program is designed to improve low speed strength, explosiveness andweightlifting technique. We do this with specific Olympic or Power-lifting cycles that are periodized thoughout the year.

It is also the perfect compliment for CrossFit athletes who want to fine tune mechanics and improve their relative strength & power!

Athletes meet three-four times per week. In each session, athletes can expect to develop, condition and increase strength and/or power, perform dynamic pushing, pulling, skill transfer drills and other ancillary exercises.

It is necessary to first learn and develop proficiency in the functional movements that are found in our program before increasing the intensity of the workouts. The first step to entering this program is to complete the Joules|Watts Foundations and testing.

The 3 Foundations classes are scheduled by appointment and the investment is $125. Register onlinehere .

NOTE: Current CrossFit members can "add on" Joules/Watts for $60/month.

Women's Only CrossFit

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30-9:30a

We have discovered that for some women to truly push their limits and improve their fitness levels, they need a comfortable environment that still offers professional coaching, motivating group energy and organic camaraderie. Our Women's Only CrossFit class is a "safe place" where strength is celebrated and empowered women empower women.

Our Women's Only classes follow the same programming as every other CrossFit class at The Combine. However, the class size is typically smaller and allows for more one-on-one attention from our female coach. While our Women's Only class is a less intimidating introduction to those new to CrossFit; or those returning after a long break from their fitness journey; it is also a great class for seasoned female CrossFitters as well. In our Women's Only class you will see a wide variety of abilities and ages; coming together to accomplish the same goal - to move better, feel better, look better, and be better! 

For pricing information, click here to review options.

NOTE: Female members may attend both our CrossFit Co-Ed and Boot Camp classes interchangeably.

Contact thecombinemgr@CSC with any questions.

Nutritional Guidance

Educational guidance and meal planning designed specifically for your goals and energy demands.

  • 1 hour evaluation: $65
  • Monthly and longer term guidance & planning: Contact us for investment information

Advocare and Supplement Bundles

Corporate & Off-Site

We bring the workout to you! Want to increase your employees productivity? Looking for a fun fitness or weight loss challenge to motivate your team? Perfect for local businesses whos employees only have limited down time before, during the lunch break or after work. All equipment provided whether your company has a fitness facility or not.

  • 30, 60 or 90 day Competions and Team building programs.
  • On-site CrossFit classes and Boot-Camps.
  • Health Fair Organization and Management.
  • Corporate Discounts also available.

Call 512.301.1339 during business hours for more info.