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The 2019 CrossFit Games

It's that time of year again.  The last year of our CrossFit class programming has been gearing up and the season is 9 days away.  All your hard work, consistency over the post season and pre season will be put to the test starting next Thursday.

We'd love ALL our members to join our CrossFit affiliates team.  To register, click here; games.crossfit.com and join affiliate; CSC CrossFit.  

We can't wait to watch everyone compete this year.  All the 1st timers and veterans who have tackled the open will workout every Friday in our CrossFit classes.  Some this will be the 9th open.  Some have done several years where they've seen repeat workouts and seen remarkable progress.    

Watch Party: Thursdays at 6am -......

Every Thursday at The Combine we'll have a watch party starting at 6pm.  Bring your family and friends.  If you want bring food and drinks.  Some of you might even decide to tackle the weekly workout that night!

posted on 2/12/2019