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Spring/Summer Joules | Watts Cycle


"We've adapted and adjusted this for our CrossFit athletes but this is a the
primary program design we use for High School and college athletes to establish a much more solid 
"Base" before returning to their respective sport in the fall."  says Coach Robert.

We are currently in our "Off-Season" Strength Program. The adult program runs from 5/6 to 9/7/19 (18 working weeks). For High school and college athletes the summer program starts the first week in June. Now is a great time to add our Joules Watts program.  Our off-season program is periodized into 4 meso cycles (briefly described below).  This is a typical program you'd see in an off season sports program with the primary goal to come into "next season" with better coordination, more strength and power output. 


ME-CO Camp (Phase): 3 weeks (5/6-5/25)
  • Goal and focus: Build coordination, muscular endurance & lactate threshold
  • 3-4 days/week with moderate to low intensity & volume. Novice do 3 day total body splits. Intermediate-Advanced: 4 days w/ 2 upper and 2 lower split.
  • ~15 reps. Balance, control & stability
"Hyp" Camp (Phase): 4 weeks (5/27-6/22)
  • Goal and focus: to get bigger & start building muscular strength. Increase Lactate threshold & Reduce Body Fat.
  • 3-4 days/week. Increase volume & intensity.
  • 12-6 reps. Control & Isolation. Slow & controlled with reduced tempo each week.
Strength Camp (Phase): 6 weeks (7/1-8/10)
  • Goal and focus: to increase Muscular Strength.  
  • 3-4 days/week. Highest intensity with most rest! 
  • 1-5 reps. Explosive & speed work as conditioning and/or PAP as weeks progress.
Power Camp (Phase): 4 weeks (8/12-9/7)
  • Goal and focus: to increase Total Body Power & rate of force production.
  • 3 days/week. Dial down intensity <50% to increase ROM & speed. Maintain Strength work while reducing overall volume.

posted on 5/13/2019