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New Joules Watts Cycle & Oly Cycle Recap

The next 8 weeks the JW program we'll be working on a "Hybrid" cycle. The primary goal during this cycle is to increase raw power and rate of force development (RFD).  A secondarily bi product of this will be an increase in your low speed strength. Here are some guidelines and tendencies you'll see throughout. 
  • Two days a week you'll see more emphasis on total body Higher Speed (power) and two days (one upper and one lower body) will be more biased towards Low speed (strength) work.
  • To develop power more "Post Activation Potentiation" and/or speed work coupled with the main lift.  This will usually be done after the main, but sometimes it will precede the main lift/exercise.  If labeled "speed" or "PLA" (progressive load with acceleration, think EXPLOSIVE light and fast! Generally you'll see a heavy lift followed by a Plyometric exercise.  If it's not a bodyweight/plyo drill and the script calls for a barbell or dumbbells reduce the load significantly (>60% of what your lifting on the barbell of the lift prior).  
  • The conditioning parts of this cycle (B) will be 2 days Strongman-esque and 2 days Plyometric/agility focused.  These will generally be short interval based rounds or cycles and will include much more rest after rounds or bouts.


Olympic Lifting Cycle Recap


2 weeks ago our Joules|Watts program finished their fall Olympic lifting cycle.  Everyone in the program had a remarkable progression from their technicality and proficiency, but here are just a few improvements these guys had from a sheer numerical standpoint:
Ransom R


+45 lb. 
OHS (250 lb.)
+35 lb. 
Snatch (210 lb.)
+55 lb. 
Back Squat (375 lb)
+50 lb. 
C& J (275 lb)

Beth C


+15 lb. 
Snatch (130 lb)
+15 lb. 
Clean & Jerk (160 lb)
+10 lb. 
Back Squat (205 lb.)

Missy K


+10 lb. 
Snatch (130 lb.)
+30 lb. 
Jerk (170 lb.)
+10 lb. 
Power Clean (155 lb)

Melanie P


+ 15 lb. 
Snatch (130 lb)
 +10 lb 
Clean & Jerk (165 lb)

Melisa R


+10 lb. 
OHS (185 lb)
+5 lb. 
Snatch (145  lb)

If you've been wanting to try the Joules|Watts program you can add it on to your current membership for just $60. The JW program meets 4 times a week with a split of M/T/Th/Sat. 



posted on 12/19/2018