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Dominic & Darwin Devers

Dominic (8 years) and Darwin (10 years) have been our most consistent athletes in our Young Athlete Program for the last 2 & ½ years. Their mom, Tina, brought them in from a recommendation of one of her nursing school instructors (and our members) Veronica Pike.

“She (Veronica) said The Combine had a great kids program so we decided to check it out,” says Tina. And they haven’t looked back since. Almost 3 years later both Dominic and Darwin have literally and figuratively grown!

When the boys initially started with us Tina told us that both kids had been active in gymnastics and other activities outside school but were looking for something different. Since adding our Young Athletes program to their weekly routine 2 days/week they have made some unbelievable progress. Tina said, “Both boys have been more explosive in their tumbling at gymnastics.” Check out some of their personal records set recently:

  • Dominic walked 100’ on his hands without breaking stride!
  • Darwin rowed a time of 2:13 on his 500m Row.
  • Dominic & Darwin set a new 3RM on their Hang Power Snatch with lifts of 45#’s and 65#’s respectively.

Tina also explains how the Young Athletes classes have made impressions other than physically.

“The boys are always excited to come to class. They have really learned how to work on long term personal fitness goals while being supportive/cheering on others.”

In the last few years both Dominic and Darwin have also tested their fitness outside of the gym from completing a triathlon, multiple kid’s runs and the Manitou Incline!

  • Dominic's favorite exercises are: tire flips and handstand walks
  • Darwin's favorites: pull-ups and jump rope

"It's been so much fun to watch Dominic and Darwin's skills and strength develop over the past couple years. Be looking out for them at the CrossFit Games in the future!" - Coach Sara Brown.

posted on 10/17/2017