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The Combine is the premier Strength and Conditioning facility and CrossFit Affiliate in Austin with a mission to provide, educate and train our community with rational, yet practical health and fitness principles to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible!

We program (remotely & in house) for athletes of all sports and performance demands.  We also have over 48 group classes each week: CoEd CrossFit, Womens Only CrossFit, Weightlfting, Yoga and Youth Programs. If your goals are more life specific, we have over 50 years of hands on experience working with a very diverse set of populations. We have practical experience with; the pre and post-natal woman, clients who want to change their body composition, preventing specific wellness conditions and diseases and re-hab programming for the individual recovering from specific injuries (joint and health related).

Getting Started with CrossFit!

Most of our members haven’t had any CrossFit experience prior to training with us and even if they have we haven't had the opportunity to work woth them. Therefore, we require all new members to attend our three-class introductory program that we call “Foundations.” It’s designed to introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, the core movements and the intensity of the workouts. It's also a time for our coaches to get to know each athlete and their specific skill sets, personality, exercise and health history a little better.Just like CrossFit as a whole, Foundations is a learning experience, not a gut check. You cannot "fail".